The Dublin Region Homeless Executive is provided by Dublin City Council as the lead local authority in the response to homelessness in Dublin
and adopts a shared service approach across South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Vision and mission for homelessness in Dublin



The vision of the Homeless Agency Partnership set out in its 2007 – 2010 action plan, A Key to the Door, was as follows: 


"Long-term homelessness and the need for people to sleep rough will be eliminated in Dublin. The risk of a person or family becoming homeless will be minimal due to effective preventative policies and services. Where it does occur, homelessness will be short term and all people who are homeless will be assisted into appropriate housing and the realisation of their full potential and rights". 


This vision has been virtually unchanged since its first appearance in the Homeless Agency Partnership’s first action plan covering the period 2001 – 2003, Shaping the Future and is aligned with the vision and strategic aims of Ireland’s national adult homeless strategy, 'The Way Home (2008 – 2013).'


Over the period since its adoption, this vision has become the organising principle for both the development and delivery of homeless services in the Dublin region under consecutive action plans. On this basis, it is proposed that this vision is maintained throughout the course of this homeless action plan 2013 to 2016 and furthermore that the following mission is adopted for the period to 2016.




In accordance with the aims and objectives of national policy on homelessness as revised in 2013, it is the mission of the Dublin Joint Homelessness Consultative Forum and its Statutory Management Group to achieve the following:


"An end to long-term homelessness and the need to sleep rough in Dublin by 2016".