The Dublin Region Homeless Executive is provided by Dublin City Council as the lead local authority in the response to homelessness in Dublin
and adopts a shared service approach across South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.


The Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) has established the Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS), which is an online system that generates vital information in terms of managing access to accommodation. The system provides ‘real-time’ information in terms of homeless presentation and bed occupancy across the Dublin region. This therefore provides a more enhanced and up-to-date way of collating key information in terms of presentation to homeless services and service occupancy on a live basis.


The DRHE, the four Dublin local authorities, Health Service Executive and all homeless services will continue to develop more effective mechanisms to collate and share information (subject to Data Protection) on individuals and families presenting as homeless to ensure more integrated service provision and that an effective case management approach can take place.


The information recorded on the PASS system will be used to:


Improve service delivery


A shared information system for homeless services will enable agencies working directly with people who are homeless to record and share the work they do with their clients. This will improve the delivery of services to clients by ensuring that resources are used effectively by reducing duplication of effort and facilitating agencies to work together to provide a continuum of care and integrate service delivery.


Monitor the delivery of services


PASS will allow individual projects to monitor the work they do and the work other projects do with a client, what they do and when they do it, the key outcomes from this work and its effectiveness. It will provide the DRHE with the information necessary for the monitoring and evaluation of services.


Coordinate services


Support agencies to provide a better service to clients by sharing information and targeting their work.


Planning and development of services


The PASS system will provide statistics to projects about individual clients and the work of the project as a whole. This information can be used to plan future service developments.
PASS will provide us with statistical information on the homeless population profile and use of services. This information will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy, identify emerging trends and to monitor service delivery.


Information recorded on the PASS system


The information recorded on the system will be limited to information required to track and plan the delivery of services to clients. All information is recorded in line with the protocols developed by homeless services for the PASS system and Data Protection legislation.


If you would like further information on PASS  please contact us at or telephone (01) 222 6825.


PASS Training Manual and Consent Form


Please download the training manual here, the consent form here and the OLAP Reports Guide here