The Dublin Region Homeless Executive is provided by Dublin City Council as the lead local authority in the response to homelessness in Dublin
and adopts a shared service approach across South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Help in your area

Help within the Dublin City Council Area

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If you are homeless in the Dublin City Council area


If you have never stayed in homeless accommodation before, the Central Placement Service will assess your situation and inform you of your options.
Men, Women and families can visit the service at Parkgate Hall, 6-9 Conygham Road, Dublin 8 from 10am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 4pm Monday to Friday
The Central Placement Service (CPS) can be contacted between 2pm - 2am Monday to Friday  and 10am – 2am at weekends and bank holidays at 1800 707 707.


Parkgate Hall, 6-9 Conygham Road
Dublin 8


10:00 - 12:00 Mon to Fri
14.00 - 16:00 Mon to Fri

If you have previously registered with the Central Placement Service


If you have previously stayed in homeless accommodation and have presented to CPS and completed your housing and support needs assessment you should call the HOMELESS HELPLINE 1800 707 707  between 2pm - 2am. Staff will assess your options and possible need for temporary accommodation.


Your Housing Allocation when Homeless (Scheme of Letting Priorities)


When you are homeless, you are entitled to homeless priority under the Scheme of Letting Priorities. Your priority is categorised under Band 1, 2 and 3 with Dublin City Council:


  • If you have been made homeless in the Dublin City Council Area and are staying in homeless accommodation you are awarded homeless priority status (Band 1) with Dublin City Council. In order to be accepted as Band 1, you must consistently reside in hmeless accommodation. If you leave homeless accommodation for long periods of time, your date of priority will change. Your priority date starts when you first stay in homeless accommodation unless you use the service sporadically - i.e. return to family, source private rented accommodation etc.


  • If you have homeless priority with South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council or Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council but want to live in the Dublin City Council area you will be awarded Band 2 (crossover homeless) by Dublin City Council. This also applies if you have homeless priority with Dublin City Council and want to live in one of the other three local authorities.


  • If you are homeless and from outside Dublin City Council (accessing services but not from the area), you can be accepted under Band 3 for the purposes of assisting in rent supplement applications. You would be expected to source your own  accommodation and make a request for your application to be re-assessed on the housing list.


If you have a query regarding your homeless allocation with Dublin City Council, please call into Dublin City Council, Parkgate Hall, 6-9 Conygham Road, Dublin 8 between Monday to Friday 10-12noon or between 2-4pm. Alternatively you can send your query to or telephone 01 2223848.