The Dublin Region Homeless Executive is provided by Dublin City Council as the lead local authority in the response to homelessness in Dublin
and adopts a shared service approach across South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Cornerstone Newsletter Archive

CornerStone was the magazine of the Homeless Agency and was published between 1999-2011.  It raised current issues relating to homelessness and provoked discussion and debate on a broad range of issues affecting people who are homeless including; housing and accommodation, health and support, mental health and addiction.


A full archive of CornerStone publications is available below.


CornerStone #44: April 2011

  • Keeping the vision in sight
  • The homeless agency: a model for partnership
  • Tackling homelessness in 200 words
  • Housing healthcheck
  • Pathways housing first
  • Charting a new course
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Simon Brooke, Housing and Social Policy Consultant
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CornerStone #43: October 2010

  • News
  • Reflections on reconfiguration
  • Pathway to home - simplifying the journey
  • Care in the community works!
  • Dolphin House: a denial of residents' rights?
  • The Cornerstone interview: Eoin O’Sullivan, senior lecturer in social policy at Trinity College Dublin
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Eamon Martin, Joint CEO,Sophia Housing
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CornerStone #42: June 2010

  • News
  • New configuration of homeless and housing support services in Dublin
  • A new model of social housing?
  • Harm reduction: more Florence Nightingale than Che Guevara?
  • Castlebrook: partnership in practice
  • Managing an unstable market
  • The Cornerstone interview: Martin Naughton, disability activist
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Pat Doyle, CEO, Peter McVerry Trust
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CornerStone #41: April 2010

  • News
  • The budget: what impact?
  • Mortgage arrears and repossessions- what's to be done?
  • Homelessness and human rights: can we meet the challenge?
  • Putting children at the top
  • A RAS pilot
  • The Cornerstone interview: Professor Dennis Culhane, professor of social welfare policy and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Dermot Kavanagh, head of operations and strategy, Merchants Quay Ireland
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CornerStone #40: December 2009

  • News
  • The housing association review: summary
  • The housing association review: timely and helpful
  • The housing association review: a missed opportunity
  • Making a home in Ireland
  • Sharing the power - working together
  • A flagship change
  • A charitable act
  • The cornerstone interview: Fr Peter McVerry
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CornerStone #39: September 2009

  • News
  • Case management at the core
  • Time for a new direction
  • Homelessness: a service user's perspective
  • Rent supplement snip
  • Home security
  • Pathway to home: making it happen
  • Portrait of a project: Gateway Project, Cork
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Orla Barry, director of services, Focus Ireland
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CornerStone #38: June 2009

  • News
  • Pathway to home
  • Reach for the stars
  • Outcomes of star in Ireland
  • After the budget...
  • Putting homelessness at the heart of the housing bill
  • Portrait of a project: Safety Net
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Sharon Cosgrove, chief executive, Sonas Housing Association
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CornerStone #37: April 2009

  • News
  • Homeless services evaluations
  • Housing healthcheck
  • Housing and integration
  • 'Depaulka': the Kharkiv night bus
  • Portrait of a project: DePaul Trust's Sundial House
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Tony Duffin, Director, Ana Liffey Drug Project
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CornerStone #36: January 2009

  • News
  • Vision within reach
  • Supported housing: socially inclusive and value for money
  • The only lives they have
  • What will make primary care teams work?
  • A step in the right direction
  • Portrait of a project: AIDS Fund Housing Project
  • Cornerstone Questionnaire: Joyce Loughman, Chief Executive, Focus Ireland
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CornerStone #35: October 2008

  • News
  • The way home: vision and challenge
  • The way home: ending homelessness by 2010?
  • Bedsits bite the dust
  • Housing
  • Care & case management
  • Portrait of a project: Coolmine Therapeutic Community
  • The Cornerstone questionnaire: Bernie Doherty, Head of Homeless Services, Dublin City Council
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CornerStone #34: April 2008

  • Homeless agency news
  • ...What happened next
  • EU10 people using homeless services: who are they?
  • Reflections on RAS
  • Private rented minimum standards: the case for better service delivery
  • Working together to make it happen
  • Portrait of a project: Bentley house
  • Cornerstone Questionnaire: Kerry Anthony, CEO DePaul Trust
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CornerStone #33: December 2007

  • Homeless agency news
  • Private rented minimum standards: time for an upgrade
  • Census questions: The CSO puts its case
  • Mental health is everyone's business
  • Portrait of a project: St Catherine's Foyer
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Liz Clifford, homeless co-ordinator, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
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CornerStone #32: October 2007

  • Homeless agency news
  • An introduction from new minister Batt O'Keeffe
  • Cornerstone claims: the department responds
  • Health and social inclusion: what the HSE is doing
  • Two cheers for the new guidelines
  • Care and case management
  • Portrait of a project: Crosscase Housing and Welfare Information and Crosscare Migration Project
  • Cornerstone Questionnaire: Bob Jordan, director of Threshold
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CornerStone #31: June 2007

  • Homeless agency news
  • Open door?
  • Incremental purchase: expanding pathways to home ownership
  • Portrait of a project: The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
  • Conerstone Questionnaire: Cathal Morgan, director of the Homeless Agency
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CornerStone #30: March 2007

  • Homeless agency news
  • A key to the door: summary
  • A key to the door: the nuts and bolts
  • A key to the door: turning the key
  • Apartment life
  • A 'career' in youth homelessness?
  • Portrait of a project
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Sam McGuinness, director Dublin Simon Community
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Cornerstone #28: October 2006

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CornerStone #29: December 2006

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CornerStone #27: June 2006

  • Homeless agency news
  • Counted in
  • Mind your language!
  • An ounce of prevention
  • Housing need: the poor relation in the Irish housing system
  • The last diary from Down Under
  • Portrait of a project
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: Frank Mills, director of social inclusion, HSE South Western area
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CornerStone #25: October 2005

  • Homeless agency news
  • Housing and disability: time to have your say
  • Ethos: towards a common definition of homelessness
  • Diary from down under
  • The NESC debate
  • Portrait of a project
  • Cornerstone questionnaire: vincent healy, senior executive officer, homeless services, dublin city council
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CornerStone #24: July 2005

  • Homeless agency news
  • Diary from down under
  • Lowering the bar
  • NESC bounces back
  • Portrait of a project
  • Cornerstone Questionnaire: Brendan Kenny, assistant city manager for housing, social and community services, dublin city council
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